Having your business telephones on traditional analogue lines has been the norm for so long that, for many businesses, switching to a hosted telephone line can seem like a momentous change.

With the PTSN shutdown coming in 2025, businesses need to prepare for the changeover by moving to a hosted platform. The old analogue network of copper-based telephone lines is being retired by BT in 2025, and businesses will need to have an alternative in place. Digital solutions such as cloud hosted telephone systems may seem daunting, but the newer technologies are a much better option for businesses of all sizes.

There are numerous benefits to switching to a hosted business telephone system. Not only do you get a dedicated line for your business, but you also have the ability to connect from anywhere, meaning employees no longer need to be at their desk to pick up the phone.


What is hosted telephony?

Hosted telephony, also known as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is simply running your telephone through the internet rather than a traditional analogue line. There’s no requirement for on-site systems or servers, instead, all you need is a reliable internet connection.


How does hosted telephony benefit businesses?


1. Futureproofs your business

With the BT PTSN shutdown in 2025, the demand for hosted telephony systems is increasing rapidly. With only two and a half years to go, switching now will mean you are prepared, and eliminate any last-minute stress. This will become inevitable as the shutdown nears and demand for companies offering PTSN switchover increases, reducing the number of suppliers available to manage the switchover with ease.

2. Integrates your systems

A hosted telephony system means that you can take advantage of using other internet-based systems such as Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and other CRM software. Internet-based phone lines let you take calls through such softwares, as well as through traditional handsets.

For sales teams, for example, calls can be recorded directly into their sales software meaning a reduction in admin and, therefore, a more efficient team.

3. Enables flexible working

Over the past two years, flexible, fully remote and hybrid working models have become increasingly popular. Employees now have the ability to work from anywhere, providing a greater work/life balance and boosting productivity.

However, the need to be able to answer calls, especially for customer facing roles, means that working from home can be tricky. Hosted telephony allows for alternative devices, such as mobile phones, or computer software, to pick up these calls. This means that an employee, no matter where they are, can stay connected and reduce missed opportunities.

4. Greater cost efficiency

It’s estimated that companies can save between 50% and 70% when switching to a hosted telephony service compared to traditional analogue lines.

Not only are ongoing costs greatly reduced as line rental is no longer needed, but setup costs are also minimal as the only requirement for businesses to have hosted telephony is a reliable internet connection, which is likely already available.

5. Easy maintenance

Unlike traditional copper wires, which can easily be damaged over time by numerous things such as digging for new pipework or invasive tree roots, and are resource-intensive to mine, produce and install, internet cabling systems are much more resilient and regularly upgraded. With the advent of 5G, whose connection towers are even simpler to maintain, maintenance has become easier than ever before. A singular infrastructure system also enables easy maintenance and upgrades, which is more cost effective nationwide when compared to analogue lines.

For many businesses, there’s no longer a need for a traditional desk phone, often leading to their redundancy. This means there’s less clutter on desks and ultimately less equipment needed and maintained, as people can use mobile devices or laptops to take calls instead.

6. Scalable at speed

Unlike traditional analogue systems, which are fixed to a specific location and are time consuming when adding additional numbers, hosted telephones can be scaled up, or down, at speed. For example, if you’re hiring temporary staff to help with busy periods, having additional users on a phone system can be as simple as installing, and subsequently uninstalling, an app on a series of mobile phones.

When moving offices, it’s also a much simpler process. Rather than having to change numbers, you can simply migrate over and be up and running in a matter of hours, rather than days.

7. Additional features

When compared to traditional analogue lines, hosted telephony provides many more features.

You can quickly see the status of another employee, record calls, retrieve reports on the length and type of call made and so much more. This gives greater business insight in many ways, such as the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, or whether a press story has brought greater coverage to a business through using a specific number for a publication, for example.

8. Remote upgrades

No longer do you have to wait for your IT support provider to manually upgrade phones and devices. With hosted telephony, you can receive remote upgrades. This means that you can schedule your upgrades to a time that best suits you, rather than disturbing your workday.

This reduces disruption and ensures that during your busiest hours, you’re still able to take and make calls without any downtime.


Are you Looking for a Local Hosted Telephony Provider?

Excalibur Communications provides hosted telephony, including support and setup, to hundreds of businesses across the South West. Why not see how we can help migrate you to hosted telephony today? Get in touch.

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