Why technology is making business better


Evolvements in modern technology have massively reshaped businesses over the years. So much so that the way they function is now almost completely different to how they did 30, 50, or 100 years ago. However, it is not just that technology has changed business, but it has, in fact, made it better. To show why technology is continually making business better, here’s a look at 4 core aspects of a business.

Customer service

Technology has greatly improved both the quantity and quality of ways that businesses and customers can communicate. Telephone, email and live chat are just three of the ways that customers can now get more rapid answers to their questions than ever. This makes the process of buying and receiving goods quicker and easier. It also improved the customer care element of the relationship by getting faster support when needed.

Internal communications

As well as communicating with individuals outside of an organisation, modern technologies allow businesses to communicate more effectively inside as well. We have now reached a stage where employees are no longer location dependent. In fact, through email, texting, phone calls and teleconferencing, businesses can communicate just as fast as they could if they were all in the same building.


This broadening of communication tools has gone a long way in boosting productivity, but there are plenty of other signs of greater business productivity. Productivity is achieved when an employee is able to use the right tools to speed up any micro task they are performing at that time. With live chat and email, employees can simultaneously deal with customer queries, order in new stock and plan a meeting with other team members later that day. Depending on the nature of the business, a vast array of technologies is available to boost productivity in their daily working tasks.


The lifeblood of any company is sales, and marketing is a necessary element in the business equation. Technology has made it easier, faster, and more affordable for businesses to make their presence known and reach consumers. Social media is just one example of small businesses being able to leverage an identity and compete against larger, more entrenched rivals.

When combined together, these 4 aspects represent much of the business world and what helps make a business successful. It’s clear that technology has had a crucial role in making businesses better in each of these 4 areas. In fact, as time goes on and technology continues to develop, it is expected that business, in general, can continue to get better and better. In fact, staying ahead in business means playing to the strengths of these technologies and having the right systems in place for your business. To find out how Excalibur can improve your communication technology and make your business better, check out our services here.

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