Not to be outdone by Blackberry, Microsoft also released a video of their vision of the future. Much like Blackberry’s, the software giant concentrates on collaboration and interaction. Two elements that are increasingly essential to business. The very slick representation conveniently glosses over the inherent problems of running a diverse network, such as interoperability, bandwidth, access to other networks, communication with other devices and the sheer cost of everything involved. The tech involved also looks far more like something Apple would develop, rather than the guys at Redmond. However, the main takeaway from this is the concentration on the development of collaboration tools. Office 2010 and the new Windows 8 make it more possible than ever to collaborate. Include a SharePoint server and a good network in the mix and you have the potential to increase productivity exponentially. Office 365 takes that one step further with cloud storage and the ability to access it anytime from anywhere. While Microsoft still has a long way to go to make their user experience as seamless as they would like, the inclusion of the Metro interface in Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface is a good start. Once the uptake of mobile phones featuring Windows 8 takes off, it will entirely be possible to share data between devices without boundaries. Businesses who already have a Windows 8 compatible network, the bandwidth and mobile contracts to handle the traffic can already share data, conference call and collaborate using present tech. Those who do not should contact us. Excalibur already supports hundreds of companies that use Vodafone One Net for all connectivity and Microsoft Server networks to manage internal productivity. It is just a matter of having the ability and the budget the combine the two. As with the video for Blackberry, the devices used and the instantaneous nature of the communication are some way off, the prospect of collaboration as presented already exists. A Windows smart phone can share data, conference call to desktops and laptops, seamlessly share files and folders through SharePoint and surf the internet for pie recipes. The manner in which they do that in the video is the only science fiction in the piece. The limitation to realising this kind of collaboration right now is that of cost, network availability and having the internet assets in place to make it happen. We can help you with the network and the systems, having the people and the purse is up to you!

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