A recent video from Blackberry shows an idyllic vision of the future that uses connected devices to manage a business from end to end. The videois a well-conceived illustration of how businesses can benefit from a one network style solution. http://youtu.be/mj8qrHUBr-w It takes in several key areas of business and addresses them in a coherent manner using a variety of media and mediums to address the challenge of improving the customer experience.

Reputation Management

By having a mechanism for monitoring the internet and social media, the concept shows effective reputation management as the executive monitors what is being said about his company. Through a connected device, he is able to flag it for immediate attention from one of his customer service people.

Integrated Communications

Having a single system that transcends devices allows the modern business to communicate better than ever before. In this scenario, a fault is identified, an engineer tasked and the network repaired, all from a single device. A further fault is identified by contacting the customer and the engineer is dispatched to reset their equipment.

Customer Satisfaction

With the fault quickly identified and resolved, the customer experience of the situation, while inconvenient, was positive overall. Turning a negative into a positive is the holy grail for any business and this illustration shows you how. The customer was then able to leave positive feedback on their experience, which will only have boosted the company’s reputation in the area. While idealistic to say the least, at the base level this video shows how it will be possible to run a fast, efficient business with technology at the core. What it didn’t show you is that it’s already possible in a more basic way. While devices that integrate seamlessly across operating systems, networks, programming languages and locations are still a pipe dream, the interconnection of a multitude of devices on a single network certainly is not. Excalibur already works with a number of providers to deliver this very service. Integrated, real-time communications is the future for the modern business, whether you subscribe to Blackberry’s idea of it or not. While the utopian concept in this video paints a future vision of what will be possible, Excalibur already delivers something similar today.

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