Ahighdemand for mobile internet is helping the information and communication technology (ICT) sector become a key infrastructure for the global economy, according to a recent report. In its latest Internet Economy Outlook document, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)found that in 2011,the estimated number of mobile connections among OECD countries stood at 667 million. This figure wasmore than double that of the 315 millionfixed broadband connections located during OECD’s period of research, indicating that theproposed idea offlexible workingschedulesreally areencouragingmore offices to providebusiness mobile phones for their staff. According toresearchers, the number of mobileconnectionshas more than doubled since 2005 and tripled in countries located outside of the OECD’s range. This came duringwhat the OECD has labelled a”period of sustained economic malaise”. As reported by computeach.co.uk, this high level of growthin mobile internet has allowed web firms toboost their operations. The organisationadded that between 2010 and 2011, the world’s top 250 ICT firms increased their hiring by six per cent; taking on more than 14 million new workers. Hiring grew fastest among internet firms, which increased their hiring by 29 per cent in 2011. Recruitment drives from Amazon and Google contributed hugely to this figure, with bothdoubling their staff rosters last year.According to business-standard.com,firms in the US andJapanwereamong the top contributors to OECD’s top 250 list. In Europe,companies located in Germany,the Netherlands and Britain also made up a large number of the world’s elite.

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