It seems barely a day goes by without news of a high profile data breach, hack or theft of company data. We have seen cheating sites hacked and personal details made available to the highest bidder and gaming sites hacked with credit card details for sale online and that’s long before we get to Snowden.

You don’t have to have millions of users or be a high profile company to be at risk from data theft, loss or malicious hacking. Every SMBs data is valuable to someone which is why you need to protect it. If you have any doubt as to the necessity of adequate network security, read the Cisco Mid-Year Security Report. It makes for sobering reading.

The question in the title is actually a trick one. Any security engineer looking from the inside of a business outward has no idea of their security is good enough. It’s only when you’re on the outside trying to get in that you find the holes. This is the only effective way of finding out if your network security really is good enough.

The vast majority of businesses have never done penetration testing or had an external security audit. Yet every business should. Unfortunately, many SMBs simply don’t have the time, expertise or resources to dedicate to such a detailed task. That’s why security auditing and support from Excalibur is so popular.

External threats are always improving and evolving. Hackers and malware are always finding new types of attack and methods to exploit weaknesses in network infrastructure. Businesses need security solutions that can keep up.

The only defence against data loss or malicious programming is multi-layered. The combination of a quality firewall, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), breach detection system (BDS), DMZ, antivirus, anti-malware and phishing protection. That’s before you even get to proactive defences.

External threats are one thing, but internal threats are also something the SMB has to face. Whether accidentally or otherwise, data can be lost from the inside too. The rise of BYOD and wireless networking have opened up potential security holes that need careful management to avoid loss.

Network security is a huge subject that is evolving almost as fast as we can keep up with. It takes huge resources to manage properly, something the average business simply doesn’t have. That’s where we come in.

Excalibur offers a range of IT solutions for the small to medium sized business. Those solutions include security audits, antivirus and malware protection, IT support and a range of other valuable services. All are designed specifically to meet and exceed the needs of the SMB. All solutions are also tailored to your specific needs.

Contact Excalibur today to learn how we can help you stay secure!

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