Are you struggling to hire and retain talent from the younger generation?

Whilst it’s not essential to a business, not seeming an appealing place to work for young employees could be potentially damaging for the growth of your business. There’s many reasons why someone can be unhappy at their workplace and most reasons aren’t always obvious, but the use of old technology is definitely one of them.

The new Generation Z entering the workforce are digital natives, they’ve grown up with a huge digital transformation taking place around them. They’re fresh with ideas, eager to prove a point and expect to receive the tools necessary to perform at their job. When being surrounded by an array of advanced technology in their personal lives, it’s no surprise they are underwhelmed if they have to adapt to old technology at their job.

Things to consider changing in the next few years.

  • Storing data in the cloud –  not only is this cheaper, it’s near-unlimited scalability meaning on-demand resources for when your business needs it.
  • Upgrading to laptops over PC’s – Laptops brings flexibility to your staff as well as allows your business to stay operational in the case of a building disaster, building fire, flood etc
  • Work mobiles – 5G will be in most major cities by the end of 2019 and most handsets aren’t compatible. If your a business that relies a lot on mobiles, you should strongly consider investing in mobiles that can utilise the 5G network.
  • Faster Connectivity – As data traffic increases, the speed of your internet will need to improve. Consider investing in full-fibre connectivity to future-proof your business.

A recent survey by said that 71% of employees expected their employer to use the same level of technology they use at home. While this was a US survey, those feelings are reflected here in the UK too. That doesn’t mean having to remain at the cutting edge as that can be prohibitively expensive, but it does mean keeping technology suitable for the current generation.

Whilst none of the above is necessarily essential for business, it’s important to keep your business prepared for the digital future as well as ensure you can attract and retain quality staff.

If you’re unsure on what technology your business should prioritise, come to one of our free discovery days and learn all about digital transformation and how you can take your business to the next level.

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