If you watched the Apple event last week, you will know that we have a few software improvements to look forward to from the Cupertino giant’s new operating system this year. There was a lot to take in, as the iOS 10 features alone include a lot of tweaks such as a much smarter Siri, new interface and a whole raft of improvements. Here are just a few.

Interface improvements

One of the most significant iOS 10 feature changes you will notice is the interface. The swipe screen has changed a lot. Swipe left to enter widget view and swipe right to enter the camera directly. It is something Android has had for a while and now Apple has implemented it.

Notifications have changed and how have a cool grey colour. They work with 3D touch too, so if you have a compatible iDevice, pressure of presses will add even more functionality to the phone.


Siri gets some more improvements with the new iOS 10 features. This time, Apple has used data from how we all use Siri to upgrade. Further language and code improvements feature prominently but the big news is that Siri will be further opened up to third-party vendors. Siri now plays nicely with WeChat, WhatsApp, Uber, Slack, Shutterfly, Pinterest and MapMyRun. Many more will follow.

Live broadcasting

This seemingly minor update offers a lot of utility. The new app will allow you to live broadcast the iPhone and iPad. While it offers utility for games, it is more powerful as a teaching or demonstration tool. Entire coding curriculum will spring up just from this small change and customer demos can now take on a life of their own.

Control Center

While never really difficult to use, the new Control Center has a new look in iOS 10. It is tidier, better looking and easier to use. Swipe up and you now see three panels, quick settings, media playback and Apple Home. Managing your iDevice just got easier.

Apple Maps

iOS 10 also sees much needed improvements to Apple Maps. You can now use scroll options freely, you can pan and zoom much better and explore the map in just about every way you need to. It has always been behind Google Maps but now finding your way to a meeting or client site will be much easier.


Does your company get bothered by cold callers or ambulance chasers? As possibly one of the best iOS 10 features, this update could warn you about potential spam calls before you answer. Other improvements include a transcription option using Visual Voicemail which will be useful in quiet areas or while on the move.

iOS 10 brings many more improvements to iDevices but they are mainly aimed at consumers rather than business. However, all of these incremental improvements make the iPhone and iPad easier to use regardless of how you use your device.

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