It’s August, which means Apple should be preparing the next release of the iPhone. Usually unveiled at their regular PR event in San Francisco, the Cupertino giant’s best-selling device always generates a lot of hype. The iPhone 7 launch this year, however, has been a little quiet.

We know that Apple are planning the iPhone 7, potentially called the iPhone 6se. Some commentators are speculating that the iPhone 7 moniker could be being saved for a 2017 10th anniversary. It is possible, but for now we’ll call it the iPhone 7.

We did think Apple were also going to unveil a new generation of MacBook Pro at the event too but that seems unlikely if rumours are to be believed.

So what do we think we know about the iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 hardware

Usually by now we would have a good idea of what the iPhone 7 looked like, what was inside, the processor, screen type and all that good stuff. This time round, there doesn’t seem to be much dependable information on the hardware. We have no idea of the RAM it will include or storage it will come with. Although it is about time Apple dropped the 16GB version as that is in no way enough in this data-driven age.

So far, it appears the iPhone 7 will retain the 4.7 inch size of existing models. A larger 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus is also expected to release with a higher specification model, the iPhone 7 Pro, expected sometime next year. The screen is thought to improve on Retina and offer higher pixel density but not 4K as yet.

It is widely expected that the iPhone 7 will get a new design, especially as the last few models have looked largely the same. We would usually have seen some pre-production screenshots by now, but none have appeared.

One hardware change that does look likely is the loss of the headphone jack in favour of Lightning EarPods. Presumably with some kind of adapter being made available for those that don’t want to buy them immediately.

iPhone 7 launch announcement and release

Some credible sources have said a September 7th event would be an ideal day to announce the iPhone 7 launch. Whether that is the case or not we cannot tell. Sneak peeks on the internet cite September 16th as the retail release date, but again, this is unconfirmed. Although the sources of this have been very reliable in the past.

So in answer to the statement posed in the headline, what do we think we know? Not a lot as it turns out. However, with only a couple of weeks to wait until September, the invites are going to have to be sent soon so we don’t have to wait long!

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