The fanfare around the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 was huge. There wasn’t just one phone announced but three, the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E and S10+. If you’re in the market for new business phones, is there enough to the Samsung Galaxy S10 to warrant the expense?

In short, yes there is. That’s especially true if you’re a generation or two behind. The S10 is still a decent upgrade over the S9 but go back to the Galaxy S7 or S8 and the differences are remarkable.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a faster Snapdragon 855 Octa-core chipset, up to 12GB of RAM, up to 1TB of internal storage, SD card slot, two front cameras and three rear cameras, wireless charging and a new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor to name just a few of its features.

The screen

Then there’s the screen. A 6.1 inch Super AMOLED display with rich colours, excellent pixel density (550ppi), amazing clarity and a quality that has to be seen to be believed. We have used smartphones since they were introduced and have become somewhat jaded towards manufacturer’s claims of revolutionary displays. Not so with the Samsung. It is genuinely amazing.
Checking emails, working with Office 365, checking SalesForce, working on the web and any app you can think of is clearer, faster and easier than before.


The S10 uses the newest Snapdragon 855 processor along with a generous amount of RAM. This is going to make using the phone a breeze regardless of what apps you use. Multitasking is now a realistic expectation, switching between apps is smooth and annotating text or using the screen for pinpointing seems much easier than before.
Practically, the phone is light for its size, at 157g and measures 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm, it is easy to carry and to hold. The design is very slick and the lack of a notch is surprisingly pleasing.

Battery life is good too, especially for the power contained within the diminutive case. It’s a 3,400mAh battery that will last a day with moderate use. It’s a realistic expectation to finish a full day with between 20-40% battery life left even if you have been working on it for most of that time. That and its ability to charge wirelessly or share charge using the power sharing function adds even more utility to the phone.

Our opinion

With decent security from the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor or facial recognition, the ability to use the powerful Samsung Knox, the largely unobtrusive Samsung TouchWiz overlay and its ability to handle any task with speed and grace, we think the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a lot to offer.
Is it a game changer? No it isn’t. that will come with the Samsung Fold for those who can justify the cost. What the Galaxy S10 is, is a solid update to an already excellent phone that can perform any task, last a full day on a single charge and make life much easier for anyone who works on or with their phone.

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