In an effort to spread Windows 10 goodness far and wide, Microsoft is introducing a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of their new operating system designed especially for medium enterprise level businesses. The new subscription based operating system will still be known as Windows 10 however, the license will be known as Windows 10 Enterprise E3. The cloud delivered Windows business service will ensure the latest and most up to date advantages are delivered to all users.

We all know that planning an Operating System upgrade is both expensive and complex. Licensing and hardware requirements eat up a lot of capital, as does the project to manage it all. Assessing hardware and software dependencies, ensuring compatibility, having bespoke application rewritten for Windows 10, performing testing, training and all those tasks necessary to upgrade an infrastructure is also complicated and time consuming. All things Windows 10 Enterprise E3 can address.

Microsoft is making two versions of their service model available, Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and Windows 10 Enterprise E5. The E3 variant is a rebranded Windows Enterprise version and E5 is an enhanced version with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and other features. Not a lot of detail has been released on E5 as yet.

Complete IT

The move to offer Windows 10 as a service allows us as a cloud service vendor to deliver everything a typical business needs. Excalibur are able to provide everything from the operating system, Office 365, CRM, big data management and a huge range of applications, all through the cloud and through per seat licensing. This enables a business of any size to take advantage of the productivity and security potential of Windows 10 and its supporting applications.

Businesses are already embracing the new operating system as it offers significant security enhancements over previous versions of Windows. Features such as BitLocker, Credential Guard, Microsoft Passport and Device Encryption make using Windows 10 safer than previous releases. Something any enterprise of any size can benefit from. When Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is released, working within a Windows business service becomes even more secure in an era where security is paramount.

For a full overview of Windows Business service features, visit the product page.

We are excited about being able to offer Windows 10 as a service. This innovation continues to open up enterprise applications to businesses of all sizes regardless of their scope and spending power. The sheer flexibility offered by per seat licensing, plus all the additional features that can be added as needed allows any startup or small business to get the technology it needs to thrive at a very reasonable and predictable cost.

If you’re considering an upgrade to Windows 10, contact Excalibur today. We can make it happen.

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